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Male real estate agent in modern home

2018 Real Estate Trends

From co-living to smaller homes, here’s what will drive the real estate market in 2018
As technology advances, the market shifts and new generations become home buyers, real estate behaviors change and evolve, too. A new year means new real estate …

ALA staff and attorneys raking leaves at the Midwest Veterans Shelter

Why ALA Gives Back

Here’s why the attorneys and staff at Anselmo Lindberg & Associates make giving a priority
Our unwavering commitment to helping people goes beyond the legal services we provide to our clients: it extends to every corner of our community. Each year …

buying a foreclosure - home with a for foreclosure for sale sign in yard

Risks of Buying a Foreclosure

Roadblocks that can make buying a foreclosure a Money Pit
When a homeowner fails to pay their mortgage for an extended period of time, the home goes into foreclosure. This means the homeowner forfeits all rights to the home and it …

A father reading his daughter a children's book.

Estate Planning for Single Parents

What single parents need to know about estate plans to protect and provide for their families
No parent wants to think about not being there to raise their children, but preparing for the worst is the purpose of estate planning. Single …

A real estate agent looking over a checklist with a couple.

Understanding Appraisals

Everything You Need To Know About Appraisals and Real Estate Value Assessments
Home appraisals are a key step in any home buying or selling process. Most financial institutions will not lend to buyers without an appraisal, and most sellers use appraisals …