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independent contractor agreement

Independent Contractor Agreements 101

What to know about the independent contractor agreement
Working with independent contractors is a bit different from hiring employees on a full-time basis, and so are the corresponding agreements. In this piece we’ll explain the basics of the independent contractor agreement …

Employee and an Independent Contractor

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

What is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?
When first starting a business, it’s common to hire staff as independent contractors. However, treating a full-time staff member as an independent contractor means operating by a specific set of …


The Elements of an Airtight Business Contract

There are few things as important in business as a contract. The contract serves as a guideline for the agreement, outlining how two parties should interact with one another. The problem is that many businesses don’t place a big enough …

buying an existing business

Buying an Existing Business

Building a business is hard, time consuming work, which is exactly why buying an existing business is so appealing. Not only can give you the opportunity to hit the ground running with a turnkey operation, the established customer base, reputation, …

Understanding Employee Categorization

To many, owning your own business defines the American Dream. While being the boss does have its perks, the corresponding responsibilities of an employer are endless. One obligation is to ensure that the company is in compliance with the rules …