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Estate Planning for Millennials: Your Post-Grad Checklist

Young people often underestimate their assets and don’t realize how useful an estate plan can be — even for those who’ve recently graduated.
Between transitioning from college to the workforce and paying down student debt, estate planning is pretty low on …

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How to Avoid Family Inheritance Disputes

How to plan your estate and keep the family peace
Family inheritance disputes can be a sad reality, and something many people hope to prevent with a well-thought-out estate plan. Some factors, like changes in family dynamics, are unpredictable. Others, …

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Estate Planning + Your Digital Assets

How to account for and give access to digital assets, an increasingly important part of estate planning
You know how important it is to have a plan for your physical and monetary assets. You’ve probably already included them in your will …

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Estate Planning for Single Parents

What single parents need to know about estate plans to protect and provide for their families
No parent wants to think about not being there to raise their children, but preparing for the worst is the purpose of estate planning. Single …