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litigation v. arbitration

Litigation v. Arbitration

Understanding the difference and which is right for your case
Litigation and arbitration are both terms used to settle legal disputes, but they’re different in that one is done in court, while the other is done privately. Choosing which route to …

Young copule moving boxes into house

Getting into Real Estate in Your 20s

What younger generations should consider before buying their first home
While millennials aren’t buying at the rate previous generations were at their age, they still contributed $514 billion to the housing market last year, and are the largest group of …

Couple estate planning and looking at computer

How to Avoid Family Inheritance Disputes

How to plan your estate and keep the family peace
Family inheritance disputes can be a sad reality, and something many people hope to prevent with a well-thought-out estate plan. Some factors, like changes in family dynamics, are unpredictable. Others, …

Top Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Top Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

A few simple staging tips can go a long way in helping a home sell faster
When selling a home, appearances really matter. How you present your home to potential buyers can have an even bigger impact than you think. …

person using calculator to work on tax write-offs

4 Tax Write-Offs That Could Get You In Legal Trouble

Tax write-offs can be tempting and confusing, but don’t let them land you in legal trouble with the IRS
Every tax season, millions of Americans debate what they can and cannot write off on their taxes. For most people, tax write-offs …