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Taking Care of the Dying with Living Wills

Addressing the Sensitive Topic of Death
People are living longer today than ever before, yet while they’re alive they’re inflicted with more disease. Modern medicine has enabled people to live longer lives even with terminal illness. However, the last years of …

real estate broker commission

The Value of a Broker’s Commission

What You Get From Working with a Real Estate Broker
When selling your home, it can be tempting to do it yourself. It’s hard to give up 6% commission–what brokers receive on average–when you could sell the home yourself. However, there’s …

Tips for Real Estate Brokers

5 Tips for Real Estate Brokers

How to work with a real estate attorney to make sure your transaction runs smoothly
The world of real estate is fluid and oftentimes complex. As a broker, odds are you are spending half of your time coordinating between multiple parties, …

independent contractor agreement

Independent Contractor Agreements 101

What to know about the independent contractor agreement
Working with independent contractors is a bit different from hiring employees on a full-time basis, and so are the corresponding agreements. In this piece we’ll explain the basics of the independent contractor agreement …