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How to Responsibly Distribute Assets to Heirs

How to Responsibly Distribute Assets to Heirs

Tools for Protecting Your Heirs From Blowing Their Inheritance
A common concern when estate planning is making sure that your heirs are equipped to manage any assets that come their way. So how can you be sure that if you die …

Employee and an Independent Contractor

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

What is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?
When first starting a business, it’s common to hire staff as independent contractors. However, treating a full-time staff member as an independent contractor means operating by a specific set of …

Real Estate Attorney

Finding the Right Real Estate Attorney

What to know before hiring a real estate attorney
A qualified real estate attorney is an essential element of a successful real estate transaction, especially if you’re buying your first home. When choosing an attorney and moving forward with the home …

Choosing an Executor for Your Estate

Choosing an Executor for Your Estate

Trusting someone to handle your personal and financial dealings after your death is not a decision to take lightly. We made this checklist so you can be certain you’ve found the best executor to handle your estate.

Increase home value with these improvements

Increasing The Value of Your Home

Top 10 Home Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value
Whether you plan to stay in your home for one year or one decade, there may be some small (or large) improvements you can make that could skyrocket your home’s value. While …