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4 Tax Write-Offs That Could Get You In Legal Trouble

Tax write-offs can be tempting and confusing, but don’t let them land you in legal trouble with the IRS
Every tax season, millions of Americans debate what they can and cannot write off on their taxes. For most people, tax write-offs can help them save a lot of money by reducing …

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What Is a Blind Trust?

Understanding blind trusts: what they are, who needs them and how to set one up
The concept of “blind trusts” may be off many people’s radar until election season, when the topic often surfaces during campaigns. Politicians with sizeable assets, or who formerly worked in corporate investments, will often set …

How to Know if You’re Ready to Buy a Home

How to Know if You’re Ready to Buy a Home

The four questions every potential homebuyer should ask before investing in residential real estate
Buying a house is no small feat: but for those ready to put down roots and make an investment in their future, it can be worth it. If you’re sick of renting and want a home of …

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Protecting Yourself Legally as an Independent Contractor

How to protect yourself from tax fines and legal issues while working as an independent contractor
Working for yourself or as an independent contractor has plenty of perks: flexibility, the freedom to choose your projects, vacation time when you want it, working from home and more. One trade-off for independent contractors, …

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Factors That Influence Home Buyers

Some universal things sellers can do to make their homes more attractive to buyers
A wide range of factors can influence a buyer’s decision to make an offer on a home, from the logical, like location or perceived value, to the emotional, like gut instinct or an affinity for a street …