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Can a Guardian and a Trustee be the Same Person?

The mechanics of guardian and trustee are similar, but their functions are distinct. Make sure you understand the difference.
Estate planning can be confusing for parents, especially trying to decipher nuanced legal designations like guardian and trustee. Since both guardians and trustees assume some responsibility in caring for your children, it …

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Buying a Condo 101

The 5 Key things to know about condo ownership
When it comes to home ownership, not all properties are the same. While purchasing a single family home is relatively straightforward, buying a condo comes with a unique set of challenges. From understanding the type of ownership, to the rules and regulations …

Buying New Construction

Buying a new construction home or condo can have its advantages, but it also comes with a different set of considerations than a pre-owned property—especially from a legal standpoint. Unlike the standard form contracts used for the purchase of a pre-owned house, there is no standard form contract used for …

Anselmo Lindberg & Associates Receives USFN Diamond Award of Excellence

Anselmo Lindberg & Associates Receives USFN Diamond Award of Excellence

Naperville, IL, November 20, 2017: The USFN recently announced that Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC is a recipient of their 2017 Diamond Award of Excellence.
The Award of Excellence is given annually to USFN Member firms who meet the rigorous standards that evaluate professional activities, industry volunteerism, and community and charitable …

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Estate Planning for Retirement

Estate Planning Must-Haves as You Enter Retirement
Retirement is an exciting time. After many years of hard work, the days of reading, traveling, and relaxing without the ping of your email is upon you. Now, all that’s left to do is guarantee that retired life will live up to its potential, …