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Protecting Yourself Legally as an Independent Contractor

How to protect yourself from tax fines and legal issues while working as an independent contractor
Working for yourself or as an independent contractor has plenty of perks: flexibility, the freedom to choose your projects, vacation time when you want it, working from home and more. One trade-off for independent contractors, …

Transfer or Close Your Business

How to Transfer or Close Your Business

Whether you’re passing the torch or closing your doors, there’s a right way to walk away from your business
Whether your business is large or small, old or new, at some point every business owner must ask, “what next?” In many cases owners find themselves ready to retire, and in others …

Do You Need an LLC?

Do You Need an LLC?

Deciding When, How and Why to Legally Establish Your Business
Whether you’ve been slowly building your own company for years or your Etsy business just took off unexpectedly, if you’re making money, it’s time to start thinking about your business structure.
When your passion project crosses the line to become a small …

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Independent Contractor Agreements 101

What to know about the independent contractor agreement
Working with independent contractors is a bit different from hiring employees on a full-time basis, and so are the corresponding agreements. In this piece we’ll explain the basics of the independent contractor agreement and how you can ensure your business is secure the …

Employee and an Independent Contractor

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

What is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?
When first starting a business, it’s common to hire staff as independent contractors. However, treating a full-time staff member as an independent contractor means operating by a specific set of rules—and it’s all too common for early-stage businesses to make …