Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Estate Planning for Single Parents

What single parents need to know about estate plans to protect and provide for their families
No parent wants to think about not being there to raise their children, but preparing for the worst is the purpose of estate planning. Single parents especially need to have their finances in order, and …

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New Year’s Resolution: Creating An Estate Plan

Why creating an estate plan early in the New Year will make for a worry-free year
The beginning of a new year is rich with possibility. It’s a chance to start fresh, set new goals, and (hopefully) stick to resolutions. Estate planning, while not always fun to think about, is necessary, …

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10 Estate Planning Updates You Need To Make Before 2018

Refresh your estate plan to reflect any changes from the past year
A lot can happen over the course of the year personally, professionally, and financially. Before you know it, the New Year has begun and your estate plan is completely out of date. Don’t get caught tackling New Year’s resolutions …

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How the GOP Tax Plan Affects Illinois Estates

Proposed federal legislation will significantly raise the estate tax exemption. Here’s what that means for Illinois residents.
The newly passed Republican tax bill includes provisions that raise the federal estate tax exemption limit. These changes will affect Illinois residents differently due to the state-level estate tax currently in place.
How New …

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Can a Guardian and a Trustee be the Same Person?

The mechanics of guardian and trustee are similar, but their functions are distinct. Make sure you understand the difference.
Estate planning can be confusing for parents, especially trying to decipher nuanced legal designations like guardian and trustee. Since both guardians and trustees assume some responsibility in caring for your children, it …