Adopt-a-Highway ALO

Adopt-a-Highway and ALO

Anselmo Lindberg Oliver Receives Certificate of Appreciation from DuPage County’s Adopt-a-Highway Program
Anselmo Lindberg Oliver is a proud supporter of our community, working to keep the places we live clean and safe. Recently, we were awarded by DuPage County for our participation in their Adopt-a-Highway program. We are honored to be …

Your Digital Assets: What happens when you die?

New Bill Protects Social Media Accounts and Digital Assets
Governor Rauner on August 12, 2016, signed HB 4648 creating Public Act 099-0775. This Act is known as the “Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (2015)”. This Act gives users the ability to manage their digital assets as they would …

Breaking a Residential Lease in Illinois

What you should expect when breaking a lease agreement
For those who need a flexible living situation, renting property is a great alternative to purchasing a home. Most renters never intend to break their rental lease agreements when signing on the dotted line; however, certain circumstances may arise where the 6-month …

Landlord Rights in Illinois: How to Protect Yourself

4 topics every tenant and landlord should understand about their contracts
As a landlord or a tenant, we often overlook the section of the lease listing all of our rights and responsibilities until we need it most. It’s important to know your rights as a renter or as a landlord before …