Real Estate

Real Estate

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Factors That Influence Home Buyers

Some universal things sellers can do to make their homes more attractive to buyers
A wide range of factors can influence a buyer’s decision to make an offer on a home, from the logical, like location or perceived value, to the emotional, like gut instinct or an affinity for a street …

buying a foreclosure - home with a for foreclosure for sale sign in yard

Risks of Buying a Foreclosure

Roadblocks that can make buying a foreclosure a Money Pit
When a homeowner fails to pay their mortgage for an extended period of time, the home goes into foreclosure. This means the homeowner forfeits all rights to the home and it becomes the property of a bank or other lending institution. …

A neighborhood of condominiums

Buying a Condo 101

The 5 Key things to know about condo ownership
When it comes to home ownership, not all properties are the same. While purchasing a single family home is relatively straightforward, buying a condo comes with a unique set of challenges. From understanding the type of ownership, to the rules and regulations …

Buying New Construction

Buying a new construction home or condo can have its advantages, but it also comes with a different set of considerations than a pre-owned property—especially from a legal standpoint. Unlike the standard form contracts used for the purchase of a pre-owned house, there is no standard form contract used for …

Purchasing a Home to Rent or Flip

Purchasing a Home to Rent or Flip

Everything you need to know about buying real estate for profit
Purchasing an investment property is a great way to generate additional income, but it isn’t as simple as hitting the real estate market in search of a great deal. There are substantial differences between purchasing a primary residence and taking …