selling real estate

selling real estate

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Factors That Influence Home Buyers

Some universal things sellers can do to make their homes more attractive to buyers
A wide range of factors can influence a buyer’s decision to make an offer on a home, from the logical, like location or perceived value, to the emotional, like gut instinct or an affinity for a street …

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Understanding Appraisals

Everything You Need To Know About Appraisals and Real Estate Value Assessments
Home appraisals are a key step in any home buying or selling process. Most financial institutions will not lend to buyers without an appraisal, and most sellers use appraisals to know what their home is worth. An appraisal is …

Understanding the Three Most Common Property Liens

Understanding the Three Most Common Property Liens

Property liens can come from multiple sources and bring a pending sale to an abrupt halt
No matter how close a sale is to closed, the discovery of an outstanding lien will bring the sale to a grinding halt. While most properties are unencumbered, liens can come from multiple sources, the …

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The Value of a Broker’s Commission

What You Get From Working with a Real Estate Broker
When selling your home, it can be tempting to do it yourself. It’s hard to give up 6% commission–what brokers receive on average–when you could sell the home yourself. However, there’s a reason 89% of sellers use a listing agent. It’s …

Tips for Real Estate Brokers

5 Tips for Real Estate Brokers

How to work with a real estate attorney to make sure your transaction runs smoothly
The world of real estate is fluid and oftentimes complex. As a broker, odds are you are spending half of your time coordinating between multiple parties, juggling client requests and attempting to manage the expectations of …