The attorneys of Anselmo Lindberg & Associates represent clients in matters that cross an array of areas of law, industries, and geographical regions. Our team of talented real estate attorneys, estate planning attorneys, default services attorneys and dedicated support staff provide a concentrated range of services that fall into the following categories:

At Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, our foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction and litigation departments represent our clients on the complete judicial foreclosure process, allowing us to serve our clients with unrivaled excellence.

Whether our clients are involved in a residential or commercial property transaction, our attorneys and staff possess the highest level of expertise to complete any real estate transaction smoothly and cost effectively.

Since 1986, Anselmo Lindberg & Associates has approached estate planning with the goal of making it as straightforward and stress-free as possible, assisting clients with everything from the simplest will, to intricate multi-tiered estate plans.

From assisting clients ranging from start-ups to existing entities in the implementation and operation of their business ventures to drafting legal documents, our team of attorneys will make sure your business is covered.

Anselmo Lindberg & Associates offers a broad range of general and civil litigation services that cut across and enhance all areas of practice, specifically, default and creditor’s rights, real estate, estate planning, and business transactions.