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At Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC, we have foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction and litigation departments to assure we represent our clients in a consistently professional and efficient manner. Our experienced staff, including attorneys, clerks, and paralegals concentrate exclusively on the complete residential judicial and non-judicial foreclosure process, allowing us to serve our clients with unrivaled excellence.

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Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC is pleased to provide a list of all active foreclosure sales in Illinois. Using our state of the art technology, we update this list daily.
Information found on this website does not constitute public notice, is provided for informational purposes only, and is subject to daily change without notice. The information found on this website is general and is not intended to be legal advice. Use of this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Additional research is recommended if you are interested in purchasing foreclosed property. Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the following information. All properties are offered “AS IS” and with no express or implied warranties and without representation as to the quality of title or recourse to Plaintiff or Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC. Note that this is a search feature only. Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC cannot accept bids through our website.
For terms of sale please refer to the Notice of Sale or contacted the entity conducting the sale. Please be advised should you be the winning bidder at any sale listed Anselmo Lindberg & Associates, LLC will not be responsible for obtaining or recording the deed after sale confirms. We are not realtors or brokers and therefore we have no information on the condition or any characteristics on the properties listed. Please do not contact us regarding this information. All information we have regarding properties is listed on this website.
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ALA distinguishes itself from its competitors in that it does not treat the judicial foreclosure process as something that can be accomplished in assembly line fashion. Foreclosures are legal matters and ALA’s attorneys provide personal attention to all aspects of the foreclosure process. Beginning with their initial review of the claim and executed documents, a thorough analyses of the foreclosure complaint and all other court pleadings to follow, ensures the final foreclosure title is clear and marketable. ALA’s attorneys are involved every step of the way providing assistance on the following:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Fair Credit Reporting
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • WARN Act
  • Mechanic’s Lien Claimants
  • Bankruptcy Trustees
  • Unsecured Creditor Committees
  • Recovering value from debtors pursuant to judicial and non judicial foreclosures on real estate
  • Foreclosures on security interests in tangible and intangible personal property
  • Enforcement of judgment liens

Creditor’s Rights

We understand that business issues require business solutions. Therefore, our creditors’ rights practice is fully integrated with our business, private client and litigation services, providing creditors’ rights group with the support of complete team of attorneys and support staff. Anselmo Lindberg & Associates’s creditors’ rights practice includes the representation of corporations and financial institutions in:

  • Negotiation and drafting commercial banking agreements, loan modification and forbearance agreements, non-form loan documents and loan participation agreements
  • Preparation and service of initial collection notices
  • Negotiation, drafting and recording of deeds in lieu of foreclosure and other litigation alternatives
  • Negotiation and implementation of commercial loan workout plans
  • Contractual litigation of promissory note defaults
  • Commercial and residential real estate foreclosure litigation through sheriff’s sale and bank sale
  • Representation of banks in sale of commercial and residential real estate
  • Drafting and presentment of motions in bankruptcy courts to protect creditor’s remedies
  • UCC issues, security/collateral issues


As technology is such an integral part of the loan servicing business, ALA is constantly striving to improve its internal technological systems and is involved in the evolving business to business interface systems that allow greater communication between loan servicers and ALA. We accept referrals directly, via Black Knight Desktop, Lenstar®, Vendorscape, Tempo, LINCs or any other business to business referral system. Billings can be done either through the iClear® system, Black Knight Invoice Management, or directly. ALA’s computer management system enables the firm to provide its clients with timely status and personalized foreclosure reports, and the firm can generate court forms without delay for all counties within the State of Illinois.